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Acetylene shortages may drive users to more abundant fuels. CONCOA customers are already prepared for conversion with universal fuel regulators and torches.

Changing fuel gas is easy...

Most CONCOA cylinder regulators with a CGA 510 connection and 15 PSI max delivery are compatible with all fuel gases. A list of those regulators is provided here.

All CONCOA torches may be adapted to various fuel gases simply by changing the tip and hose to T-grade.

Regulatory and gas supplier safety procedures including purging must be observed in considering conversion.

Invest in flexibility for the future...

With CONCOA equipment, savvy customers can take advantage of economic opportunities that arise from trends in the cost and availability of fuel gases. To help customers prepare for change, CONCOA is offering a special 15% discount with competitor trade-in.

If you have additional questions regarding safe conversion, please contact us at 1.800.225.0473 or via our contact page.

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