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Cryogenic Gas Systems

CONCOA cryogenic systems are designed to maintain the pressure and flow of demanding applications. Liquid cylinder performance is often misunderstood. The liquid cylinder specifications typically list gas phase withdrawal in the range of 350-400 cfh. However, in practice the maximum sustainable flow rate without pressure drop is only 200-250 cfh. The limiting factor is often the cylinder’s pressure building coil circuit.

To overcome this condition the user may use the liquid withdrawal valve connected to an external vaporizer. Flow rates of 700-800 cfh are achievable for a couple of hours before the liquid cylinder’s pressure building circuit is saturated and pressure falls. As illustrated below CONCOA has packaged the 630 series cryogenic manifold, 629 series vent kit and an auxiliary pressure building circuit to extend liquid cylinder's performance to over 4,000 cfh. This is achievable by using the regulated gas phase from an additional cylinder to push liquid out of each supply cylinder connected to the 630 manifold. Regardless of the volume of liquid pushed out of the cryogenic, manifold the vaporizer must be sized 1.5 times the desired flow capacity. Ambient temperature is vital to the vaporizer’s performance so location and geography must be considered.

A continuous operation is achievable when coupled with CONCOA’s IntelliSwitch series automatic switchovers. The bottom line is CONCOA cryogenic systems deliver the results. Click on the labeled items below for more information.

CONCOA Cryogenic Setup



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