CONCOA Precision Gas Controls

The fully-automatic IntelliSwitch II™ gas switchover is CONCOA’s revolutionary new generation of gas management systems. The IntelliSwitch II™ features an onboard web server and proprietary embedded software, allowing remote monitoring, secure system configuration, and e-mail notification of real-time system status and events. It is ideally suited to interchangeable service/continuous supply in analytical laboratory, chemical process, instrumentation, and critical gas supply applications. The IntelliSwitch II™ offers continuous pressure and flow control from liquid or high pressure cylinder sources. The end-user selects the ideal mode of supply by the simple push of a button. Proprietary software logic lowers yearly gas costs by eliminating liquid cylinder vent loss and excess residual return. It is these features which make the IntelliSwitch II™ the perfect gas management system.

Additional Features

• Hinged door for easy access
• Internal delivery pressure adjustment – eliminating possibility of tampering
• Internal, switch settable input AC power selection.
• Normally Open/Normally Closed relay contacts for alarm outputs
• Direct compatibility with CONCOA Advantium PLUS alarms
• Enhanced operating software
- Expanded system diagnostics and troubleshooting
- Built in transducer calibration
- Parameter settings via web server
- Remote monitoring via web server
- Email capability via web server




Regulator and Valve Bodies
Brass barstock

Valve Stems
316L stainless steel

Valve Seats

PTFE, PCTFE and Viton®

Enclosure NEMA 4
Powder-coated steel



Power Requirements:
110 or 220 VAC

Maximum Inlet Pressure
3,000 PSIG (210 BAR)

Temperature Range
0°F to 140°F (-18°C to 60°C)

Flow Capacity
Cv = 1.0


Inlet Connection
½" FPT

Outlet Connection

½" FPT

67 lbs. (30.4 kg)