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Sulfur Analysis

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Sulfur Analysis

Reliable sulfur detection is the key to meeting new environmental standards and improving air quality. However, sulfur and sulfur compounds adsorb to metal surfaces, which makes the analysis of gaseous sulfur compounds challenging, as adsorption problems in sample pathways often lead to poor or unreliable results.

CONCOA SilcoNert® 2000-coated products eliminate surface adsorption of sulfur and mercury compounds like hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, sulfur dioxide, or other sulfur-containing compounds to obtain accurate and repeatable sulfur analysis results. By boosting performance and analytical results, SilcoNert-treated systems can dramatically reduce costs. CONCOA 420 or 430 Series SilcoNert-treated regulators are suitable for use with gaseous sulfur compounds. The 420 Series single stage regulator provides primary pressure control of reactive or corrosive calibration gases in sampling applications that can tolerate minor fluctuations in outlet pressure. For sulfur analysis systems that require precise and constant outlet pressure control, CONCOA recommends the 430 Series dual stage regulator, which provides stable outlet pressure regardless of source pressure variation. 420 and 430 Series regulators are available with a wide selection of silicon CVD-coated inlet and outlet options, including diaphragm valves and compression tube fittings. Incorporating a CONCOA 529 Series protocol purge or protocol alarm station, treated with the same SilcoNert 2000 wetted internals, provides an easy way to wall mount regulators or connect to multiple cylinders of the same gas.

For large-scale sulfur sampling and analysis, the CONCOA 515 Series SilcoNert 2000-treated pressure differential switchover system provides a continuous supply of reactive or corrosive calibration gases with a selection of four switchover pressures. For constant control of downstream pressure, the 515 Series switchover can be ordered with a SilcoNert-treated integral line regulator. Finally, the 515 Series SilcoNert-treated switchover is available with silicon CVD-coated inlet options and fittings and can be ordered with or without a remote alarm.

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