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Blood Gas Analysis

collection of empty vials to be used for blood testing
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Blood Gas Analysis

Blood gas analysis measures oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in a sample for diagnosis and monitoring of different medical conditions. To accurately determine gas concentrations, the sample must be compared against a calibration gas with known values. In general, the frequency of calibration is directly related to the volume of testing done at a facility.

CONCOA's 305, 307, and 315 Series analytical grade regulators are outfitted with Diameter-Index Safety System (DISS) inlets for compatibility with medical gases and instrumentation air. For applications where an analyzer is less frequently used, CONCOA recommends the 305 Series single stage regulator. If multiple stations are required, each station can subsequently be outfitted with a 307 Series for point-of-use regulation. The 307 can be purchased as a 53 Series point-of-use panel for ease of use and safe mounting. The CONCOA 315 Series dual stage regulator is preferred for heavy-duty applications, or busy healthcare facilities where an analyzer may be in constant use, as it can sustain outlet pressure more adequately than the 305 or 307 Series regulator.

As it is critical to maintaining test calibration against supply gases, CONCOA strongly encourages a 529 Series protocol purge station in place of an automatic switchover, which may not maintain the accuracy of the test calibration due to variation from one cylinder to another's actual analyzed value. The 529 Series protocol purge station can be completely vented after the supply gas changeover to prevent stream contamination and improve test result accuracy. The 566 Series purge meter and Altos 2 remote alarm can be integrated into a system for flow monitoring and maintenance. For large-scale operations, the Advantium 16 remote alarm offers comprehensive reporting with email support and 16 status input connections. CONCOA offers diaphragm and check valves for overall system flow control and pipe-away relief valves for overpressure events. For applications where a master control station is suitable, CONCOA's 5ZV high purity valve box can be configured with valves for up to four different gas sources in a durable, powder-coated steel enclosure.

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