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Cryogenic Preservation

a sample submerged in an open cryogenic chamber.
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Cryogenic Preservation

Preserving and storing irreplaceable biological samples in nitrogen freezers requires an uninterrupted, continuously available supply of cryogenic liquid nitrogen at specific process conditions like pressure, temperature, and flow. Therefore, system efficacy centers on properly designing, sizing, and supplying a system from the source to the point of use in cryogenic preservation applications.

The CONCOA 577 Series CryoWiz cryogenic switchover is specifically designed to connect multiple supply sources of cryogenic liquid nitrogen to freezers, control rate freezers, environmental chambers, and other critical cryogenic systems. The CryoWiz uses a proprietary algorithm and precise pressure and temperature sensors to monitor the demand for and supply of liquid nitrogen. With a unique switching mechanism, high-flow pneumatic valves, and hot gas bypass programming, the CryoWiz automatically switches from primary and secondary cryogenic liquid nitrogen sources to deliver a continuous supply of cryogen with virtually no change in delivered cryogenic temperature. The local audible and visual alarm, which can be integrated with a remote or existing facility alarm system, provides notification of the depleted supply source. Integrated pipe-away relief valves vent built-up gas to protect against over-pressurization, and dynamic hot-gas bypass ensures cryogen is at the right temperature whenever it is needed. The selectable “keep-full" and "on-demand" operation modes accommodate user demand with the push of a button.

This “keep-full” mode is essential and critical to making the CryoWiz the only device on the market that can effectively deliver an uninterrupted supply of liquid nitrogen to control rate freezers. When operating in “keep-full” mode, both sources use hot-gas bypass purging so that even during changeover, liquid is always available at the outlet, ensuring there is never a fluctuation in the critical freezing profile control rate freezers require. Additionally, the CryoWiz has a 24,000-event log with built-in battery backup and can be ordered with a USB port or Ethernet port (web server) for remote monitoring of cryogenic supply and real-time email notification of system status. The number of liquid cylinders connected to the primary and reserve sides of the system should each be capable of supplying the freezers for a minimum of seven days. This ensures that the freezers can be supplied without interruption over an extended weekend and that the money spent on liquid nitrogen is not wasted by discarding partially full containers or inefficient transfers of the cryogen to the freezers.

For a complete cryogenic solution, a variety of options designed to work with the 577 Series CryoWiz provide an unprecedented emphasis on safety and efficiency. For example, CONCOA 57V Series cryogenic headers and 551 Series vacuum-jacketed transfer hoses significantly reduce flash loss and save liquid nitrogen, even in on-demand applications. The 57V cryogenic headers are constructed from vacuum-insulated, rigid piping. Multi-layer insulation and getter materials maintain high thermal efficiency to ensure low heat leaks. The 551 Series vacuum-jacketed hoses provide an effective barrier to heat transfer and maintain the low temperature of the cryogen. Custom cryogenic header designs and custom downstream vacuum-jacketed pipelines are also available. In addition, the CONCOA Altos 2 remote alarm, installed in the lab or freezer room, displays the current status of the CryoWiz.

In any installation where cryogenic nitrogen is used, it is imperative that the level of oxygen be monitored to ensure worker safety. The 580 Series oxygen deficiency monitor integrated into an alarm system that can shut down the supply, installed at the cryogen source and near the freezers, stops the flow of cryogen if a low-level warning is received. This ensures a more efficient delivery of the cryogen to the freezers while also improving the overall safety of the installation. Though the initial cost of installing a complete cryogenic system may be significant, the benefit of ensuring a safe and uninterrupted supply of cryogenic liquid to irreplaceable biological samples is worth the investment in the fully scalable and customizable CONCOA 577 Series CryoWiz.

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