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Surgical Tools

A set of powered tools for dental cleaning
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Surgical Tools

Pneumatically powered surgical tools require a constant supply of nitrogen to cut, remove, shape, or ablate bone, soft tissue, and other materials during surgical procedures. These handheld devices are designed to reduce the time and effort usually required to perform a given procedure, as well as to reduce patient trauma and recovery time. Nitrogen-driven surgical tools are used by large hospitals and healthcare facilities for major surgeries, as well as by outpatient clinics and individual medical offices for minor medical procedures.

For smaller healthcare facilities and medical offices, nitrogen supplied by high pressure cylinders is used to power pneumatic surgical equipment. The 305 Series regulator is designed for the safe withdrawal of nitrogen, whether installed directly on the cylinder or safely mounted using a 529 Series protocol station or protocol switchover station. The 529 Series protocol switchover station permits the connection of a reserve cylinder for manual switching and isolation of the depleted cylinder for safe changeout. The CONCOA protocol switchover station is also offered with a remote alarm to provide audible and visible notification in advance of cylinder depletion. In addition, 53 Series point-of-use panels, coupled with a 307 Series regulator, provide individual isolation and line pressure control to conveniently feed multiple pneumatic surgical tools.

Ambulatory surgical centers and large hospitals require a steady supply of nitrogen to handle the constant surgical-related pneumatic applications. For high volume gas users with a central supply of micro bulk tanks or high-pressure cradles piped at pressure to different functional areas within the facility, CONCOA recommends a 315 Series, dual stage regulator with a protocol station or protocol alarm station. For an uninterrupted gas supply at constant pressure and flow, a 526 or 526LC pressure differential switchover may be used. Compatibility with the Altos 2 remote alarm provides audible and visible warnings when a switchover is about to occur. Furthermore, incorporating a 52 Series manifold system allows an unlimited number of manifold stations to connect to a single header, thereby streamlining the handling of gas cylinders and facilitating expansion as gas requirements increase within the facility.

Whether the user is small scale, with a nitrogen supply source stored independently and retrieved for use in another area, or high volume, with a central supply source delivered to various areas via a piping system, an oxygen monitoring system is critical. The 580 Series oxygen deficiency monitor is suitable for interior or exterior locations and is required in areas where nitrogen is stored and used.

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