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Oxy-Fuel Heating

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Oxy-Fuel Heating

Traditional oxy-fuel heating continues to provide the most cost-effective heat transfer for brazing, flame heating, hardening, or weld procedures requiring preheating to avoid thermal stresses. The CONCOA universal heating tips allow users to select the optimal fuel gas for their application.

Propane and propylene offer the highest BTUs per cubic foot and concentration in their secondary or outer flame at 2498 BTU/CU ft. and 2371 BTU/CU ft. respectively, making them ideal for heating. Acetylene, on the other hand, is better suited for cutting because of its 5589°F (3087°C) flame temperature and concentration of BTU output in its primary or inner flame, which is just 60% of the values of propane and propylene. Natural gas, considered a utility or house gas, is less expensive but less efficient due to its lower rating of 1000 BTU/CU ft. Additionally, natural gas has a limited practical range due to lower inlet pressures and pressure drops in long pipe runs.

In addition to using the optimal fuel gas, regulator selection is critical. CONCOA industrial gas regulators feature a one-piece encapsulated seat design that delivers stable pressure and flow control of the high pressure gases used in oxy-fuel processes. For medium-duty acetylene cylinder applications, the CONCOA 6509 or 6609 Series regulators provide stable pressure control up to 15 PSIG (1 BAR). If the application requires propane or propylene, the 6532 or 6632 Series regulators offer accurate pressure control of up to 40 PSIG (3 BAR). For those applications exceeding the 1/10th vaporization of a single cylinder, the CONCOA 631, 632, 633, or 634 Series industrial manifolds enable higher flow capacities from multiple cylinders feeding a shared 6700 Series manifold regulator. For heavy heating and bulk pipeline applications, CONCOA 6790 or 6792 Series heavy-duty regulators with 1/2-inch ports provide the best high-flow performance.

Finally, the CONCOA 800 Series torch handle, paired with either the 8110890 or 8110899 tip mixer assembly, permits the user to select the appropriate universal heating tip. For applications requiring a BTU range of 24,660 to 74,000 from a single cylinder, CONCOA 759 multi-flame heating tips, size #5 or size #7, provide optimal heat distribution. From a multi-cylinder or bulk supply, the CONCOA 757 universal heating tips deliver a heat output of 146,000 to 1,350,000 BTUs. As with any oxy-fuel system, there is potential for flashback into cylinders or upstream equipment. Integrating CONCOA point-of-use, branch, or source flashback arrestors featuring non-return valves and thermal shut-offs allows engineers to design with maximum safety from flashbacks in mind.

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