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Oxy-Fuel Cutting

a worker cutting with an oxy-fuel torch
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Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Traditional oxy-fuel cutting continues to provide versatile thermal cutting solutions. CONCOA tip mix technology, in a one-piece or two-piece cutting apparatus, combines optimal safety and performance from any fuel gas.

The CONCOA 800 Series torch handle, coupled with either the 4800 or 5800 Series cutting attachment, enables the user to obtain optimal preheat for each material thickness. In a single-body configuration, CONCOA 3000 and 9000 Series cutting torches deliver the same performance. Additionally, CONCOA tip mix technology ensures maximum safety by providing the correct preheat oxygen-to-fuel ratio for each tip size, thereby significantly reducing the chance of flashbacks. CONCOA torches and tips require less maintenance and reduce downtime due to carbon build-up left by flashbacks because the operator gets a new mixer assembly with each CONCOA tip.

In addition to selecting a one- or two-piece cutting apparatus, regulator selection is critical. For medium-duty acetylene cylinder applications, CONCOA 6509 or 6609 Series single-stage regulators deliver stable pressure control. Furthermore, CONCOA 6532 or 6632 Series regulators provide pressure control of up to 40 PSIG (3 BAR) for propane and propylene. For those applications exceeding the 1/10th vaporization of a single cylinder, CONCOA 631, 632, 633, or 634 Series industrial manifolds enable higher flow capacities from multiple cylinders feeding a shared 6700 Series manifold regulator. For heavy heating and bulk pipeline applications, the CONCOA 6790 or 6792 Series high flow, heavy-duty regulators with 1/2-inch ports provide the best performance.

Finally, with any oxy-fuel system, there is a risk of flashback into cylinders or upstream equipment. CONCOA recommends integrating industrial flashback arrestors featuring non-return valves and thermal shut-offs at the point-of-use, branch, or source. They can be mounted in any position or orientation to safeguard gas cylinders and pipeline outlet points (hoses and equipment), allowing engineers to design their systems with the highest level of protection against flashbacks.

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