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Industrial Lasers

an industrial laser cutter producing frame pieces
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Industrial Lasers

Industrial lasers have revolutionized metal fabrication. A pioneer in gas controls to support this demanding technology, CONCOA offers equipment suitable for all resonator types.

A fiber laser produces its laser emission through a ytterbium-doped fiber optic cable. Utilizing diode excitation minimizes heat distortion, thereby simplifying resonator design and eliminating the need for resonating gases. However, due to the short wavelength output, exceptionally high power densities produce small kerfs, requiring high velocity nitrogen or oxygen-assist gases to evacuate molten metal. With these requirements in mind, CONCOA designed the 67B Series regulator with a flat, balanced seat to optimize assist gas from bulk and micro-bulk supplies. For those applications utilizing high pressure cradles or liquid cylinders, CONCOA 544 Series IntelliSwitchâ„¢ IIv, coupled with a 67B regulator, delivers a continuous gas supply. For cylinder sources at pressures above 3000 PSIG (210 BAR) CONCOA recommends the 623 Series dome-loaded regulators.

Although a small percentage of the market, CONCOA supplies 601 Series resonator regulators and 619 Series pressure differential switchovers for carbon dioxide-based resonators. Additionally, CONCOA provides the 5230 Series line regulator for the carbon dioxide laser-beam purge requirements. As with the fiber laser, the 67B Series regulator provides instantaneous assist gas, yielding excellent piercing characteristics. Combining the CONCOA 544 IntelliSwitch IIv system with the 67B regulator provides continuous delivery as carbon dioxide-based lasers utilize the same assist gas pressure controls mentioned for fiber lasers. For lower flow oxygen assist delivery, the 622 Series dome-loaded regulator provides an economical control for assist.

Fluorine and chlorine-based excimer lasers used in research and development, as well as fuel injector nozzle perforation, require the safe handling of toxic and corrosive gases. CONCOA offers the stainless steel 432 Series dual stage regulator in conjunction with C Series gas cabinets, which provide safe pressure control. Depending on the fluorine concentration, CONCOA also offers passivation to increase corrosion resistance and extend service life. Contact CONCOA for a fully integrated gas cabinet solution for specific excimer laser applications.

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